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Arelis Beauty Service Inc

4  Reviews

(301) 220-4346
9001 Locust Spring Rd
College Park, MD 20740-1854

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(301) 220-4346

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College Park

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s. barete

First, let me say that I believe if more people would start revealing the character of who people really are, they would begin to change because they don't like the truth about them to be exposed. Having said that, Arelis Beauty Services in College Park, MD, is not the Dominican salon to visit if you are an African American woman. Customers have given her 5 stars, but there is a side of the owner many don't know about and need to be aware of. There were several occasions I experienced Arelis, who is the owner of the shop, Yusen and Jessie, who are other hair stylists, talking about me in their language and my daughter has also experienced the same. Marcia is one of the shampoo assistants. She is the only one in the salon that doesn't talk about the clients. In fact, Marcia is a Christian, so perhaps, she can teach all of them how to have real hearts. If you have visited this salon and don't understand the Dominican language, very likely you have been talked about by these women and don't know it. I speak and understand a little of the Dominican language, and so does my daughter, so oftentimes, I understand what they are saying. One day, Arelis and Jessie were talking about me and laughing at the fact that one of the shampoo assistants got color on my blouse. This happened more than once by the way, and they never reduced the cost for getting color on my blouse. One time, I found out when I arrived home that they had gotten color on my blouse. They knew it was there, but didn't say anything. Back to the point that when Arelis and Jessie were laughing and making jokes about color that spilled on my blouse, I looked directly at Arelis to let her know that I was aware that they were laughing and talking about me. She immediately knew that I understood what they were saying. She asked me if I was okay. I told her no, and the reason why. She made up a crazy excuse, so I forgave her and gave her several more chances to do my hair, because although she doesn't style very well, she cuts hair pretty good, but they just don't have integrity toward African American women. She shows favoritism toward the Dominican women and she is often very moody. She appears to be nice on the surface, but if you keep going to her, she eventually shows her real personality. I referred a number of my family members to her, 7 of them including my daughter, and they have all stopped going except my daughter, but now my daughter has decided not to go back after Arelis and Yusen were talking about her hair being dirty during her last visit on Friday, December 13, 2013. Her hair really wasn't that dirty, but she uses plenty of oil to keep it from being dry, and if it was as dirty as Arelis made it appear, isn't that one of the reasons clients go to the salon, to get their hair washed? My daughter said that Arelis put so much shampoo in her hair as she made fun of her, that it was outrageous. How badly is this to treat a customer? What kind of nonsense is that? I advised my daughter that she should never return, just as I, along with my other family members have decided not to return. In one instance, Arelis did the hair of one of her Dominican friends before she did my hair, and I was there before her friend. I said something to her about it. She did not like what I said about fairness, but right is right and wrong is wrong. Your customers are how you earn your living. If you show lack of professionalism, integrity and respect toward them, and talk about them in front of their face, why should they continue to patronize your business? If all of your clients would stop going to you, what would you do then? She has lost business from 7 of my family members, including me. Just think what would happen if each time someone treats us in this manner and we stop patronizing their business. Guess what, they probably would

g. muller

I came here on February 14, 2014 and I brought my wife on valentines day. My wife is from Nigeria so you already know how difficult her hair is to do. when she walked in her hair was ok, but when she walked out, she came out and I didn't even know her! she was extremely beautiful and the way her hair was done was so perfect. she told me that the care they had was so great and the way they paid attention to her and watched out for her made her feel so special. they did a wonderful color job and wash and set. I am totally blown away about how they go about things and I really do appreciate them and wish to see their business really excel and grow into a worldwide thing. I recommend this salon to all the ladies out there.



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(202) 547-8701

500 Morse St Ne, Washington, DC 20002

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(301) 933-6800

12113 Heritage Park Cir, Silver Spring, MD 20906

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8400 Baltimore Ave Ste 1101, College Park, MD 20740