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Grady Management

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(301) 587-3330
8630 Fenton St Ste 625
Silver Spring, MD 20910-3876



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(301) 587-3330
(301) 587-5133
(301) 588-5040



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Silver Spring

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andy dufresne

Grady's final year managing Belle Haven Towers in Alexandria was a disgrace. In fact it was such a disaster that they were booted as property managers and their entire staff was fired shortly after I moved out in the spring of 2011. In the preceding 12-14 months, they turned a decent community into a crime ridden flophouse and squandered several years worth of goodwill from me. I don't have enough space to go into every aspect of the disaster (security cutbacks, crime on the grounds exploding, dishonest advertising, the buildings becoming squalid, and the complex being over run with lowlifes), but I do have enough space to talk about two employees who personally disrespected me: 1.) There was a dishonest/childishly unprofessional Grady employee in the leasing office. About 6 months before I moved out, my car was in the shop and I was in a rental for a few days. This woman told me i did not need a guest pass for my rental and then gave me what turned out to be false information about where i was allowed to park. I parked exactly where she told me to park but when I woke up the next day my rental had been towed, costing me almost $150. That day I called the leasing office and spoke with her and she had the nerve to not only lie to me but cop an attitude with me as well. I then went to the office after work to calmly speak to her in person. As i was speaking, rather than owning up to her mistake and offering to refund my money, she got up from her desk, went into the property managers office, shut the door and hid like a coward. I left before i lost my temper. Because i did not want my security deposit stolen (or worse), I waited until i moved out to begin drafting a long, formal complaint letter to Grady's corporate office about her (and a few other things). Before I finished though, I learned there had been a management change and Grady's staff had been fired altogether. When i learned this woman was fired, i almost fell off my chair laughing. 2.)About 18 months before they were fired, Grady hired a company to provide shuttle service to the metro. This "shuttle" was actually a creepy van driven by a guy who barely spoke english, was incredibly unprofessional in his appearance - the first time i saw him i thought he was a vagrant - was unsafe in his driving habits, often showed up late for pickups, and was downright nasty to residents. Not long before moving out, I complained to him about his careless driving. He responded by giving me a pseudo tough guy dirty look and blowing me off. I reported this (and a few other things about him) to Grady's leasing staff, who were responsible for hiring the company, and they could have cared less: To Grady's staff, it was more important to sweep problems under the rug than address problems. Fortunately I did hear from another resident that the shuttle company (and the driver with it) was fired by new management not long after i moved out. this news also brought a smile to my face. AVOID!

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